We pride ourselves on being thoughtful

For us, being thoughtful is about being genuine & caring in all our areas of our business, including how we make our food

Food from the heart

Making good food choices means different things to different people but, I think we can all agree that being mindful about the food you eat is a good thing.

Ever since Kirsty’s son was diagnosed with multiple severe food allergies at 3 years old, Kirsty has been thinking a lot about food because ‘finding out about food allergies makes you consider every food choice’.

Kirsty’s was set up to make gluten & dairy free food that was safe but also healthy & delicious, and 10 years later Kirsty still develops every meal recipe mainly based on dishes she makes at home.

Well thought-out recipies

Our well thought-out recipes are as delicious, nutritious & satisfying as can be.

For our meals this means you’ll never find any red GDAs on them, they are all under 400 calories per meal and they always contain at least 1 of your 5 a day.

Plus our no red traffic lights promise means that you know our meals are never high in salt or saturated fat.

Our pizzas are free of all 14 major allergens, so the whole family can enjoy them and with no red GDAs you know they aren’t high in salt or saturated fat.

For our desserts, it means they are guaranteed to be a treat that is worth it because who wants to compromise on a treat? However, they are also all completely gluten free and are also made with dairy free recipes.

Thoughtfulness sits at the very heart of our business

Thoughtfulness is an important value to us and is one which is reflected every day, in the way we are and the way we work.

We may only be a small team but we have a big heart. We care deeply about delivering products of the highest standards to our wonderful consumers. So much so, that our factory in Harrogate is completely allergen free (only using dairy-free milks for our coffees is one of the ways the team makes sure our meals are safe for everyone).

As a team, we would describe ourselves as positive & upbeat. We take a ‘thoughtful approach’ towards each other and the planet. We look for how we can do more for the environment and supporting people within it, whether that’s within our company or the wider communities.

Ultimately, we want our food to make you feel good and we want to share our successes and occasionally sorrows with you along the way.