caroline-and-maxen-hiCaroline is a busy stay-at-home mum to four young children. Her youngest, Maxen, was diagnosed with Coeliac disease and a cow’s milk intolerance just after he was born.

Having four children to cater for already, this made food shopping particularly difficult. Every item had to be checked thoroughly before being added to the basket to ensure it was suitable for Maxen to eat. Despite being a good cook, and cooking most of the family’s meals from scratch, Caroline was relieved to discover Kirsty’s ready meals range was gluten, wheat and dairy free!

Being a ready meal means they also give Caroline a welcome break from cooking as well as being on hand for those busy nights of school activities where cooking just isn’t possible.

Thankfully, all of the kids love the taste of the meals and life has become easier and supermarket trips less stressful! Caroline says ‘It’s great that someone else understands the challenges of this lifestyle. All our dietary needs are catered for and they also taste amazing!’