karen-hiHealthy ingredients, low in fat and convenient

Having lived with IBS for a number of years, and having a partner who was diagnosed with Coeliac disease more than 25 years ago, having to provide gluten-free meals has been a way of life for Karen.

Kirsty’s came to Karen’s attention after seeing Kirsty on Dragons’ Den, so when they discovered she’d brought out a range of gluten-free meals, they were thrilled. Visiting the Kirsty’s stand at the Allergy and Free from Show, they were so impressed with the variety of meals available that they stocked up as soon as they became available in the shops.

Karen says; “I work long hours, so it’s handy to have something quick and easy for when I get home late from work. For a long-time I’ve tried to eat food that is low in fat without having to cook it all myself and the range from Kirsty’s fits perfectly into my healthy and allergen conscious lifestyle. There’s enough variety to eat them often and not get bored, even the kid’s ones can be eaten with just an additional side of vegetables.”

The range of meals are also freezer friendly and have long sell by dates it makes them so convenient for those times you’re in a rush, ideal!