jo-hiJo is a mother of two teenage girls, who keep her busy and on her toes!

During her 30’s, her intolerance to dairy become very apparent, with a cup of tea and some cereal in the morning causing her to be sick by the time she had a shower. Over time symptoms developed and worsened until she could no longer eat any form of cheese, milk, yogurt, butter, cream and even had to avoid lactose or whey flavourings in crisps.

Living by herself for the majority of the week due to working shifts, it was impractical to cook single meals from scratch, especially as so many packets and quick solutions contain dairy ingredients. Kirsty’s provided the perfect solution for Jo by offering individually portioned low cost meals as well as providing a product that is free from dairy but gluten as well. Something that is not so common in the ‘free-from’ market.

Jo says; “When working shifts, you’re often on the go and need to grab something quick and not many high street chains offer dairy and gluten free options. I know I can grab a Kirsty’s meal if I’m running late for work and don’t have to panic that I’ll end up with something that could make me ill!”