Amazing dessertsfree-from & healthier

I’ve got a bit of a sweet-tooth: but I don’t usually eat desserts because if its gluten free, its often packed with sugar and calories.

My desserts are lower in fat, saturated fat & calories than most other desserts. But they still taste amazing, because if they don’t taste amazing what’s the point?

Bet you can’t tell they are Gluten free.

For example my Apple Pie is also Gluten free, Lactose free and Vegan certified. Don’t worry though the Gluten free pastry is still flaky and crispy, in fact I’d challenge you to tell its gluten free.


Dairy free recipes made in a factory which handles dairy.

All my desserts are made with Dairy free recipes and are vegan certified. But as they are made in a factory who handles milk, there is a small risk of airborne contamination, which no amount of cleaning procedures* can eliminate.

I know first-hand how the tiniest amount of dairy can cause a reaction, so our desserts therefore aren’t labelled dairy free.

When I realised that by working with this specialist dessert manufacturers I wouldn’t be able to make these desserts entirely dairy free, I did debate whether we should launch them at all.

But as they are the best free-from desserts I’ve ever tasted and they are heathier than other frozen desserts, I decided to launch.

The amount of dairy present is guaranteed and tested to be less than 0.1%, which is unlikely to cause a reaction in those with a dairy intolerance. Also we have deliberately chosen desserts with less appeal to kids, who statistically are most likely to suffer with dairy allergies.

Making dairy free food is incredibly important to me:

And I honestly wish I could afford to build a factory capable of making all the recipes I’d like with no allergens. However, as that’s not an option (without a lottery win) working with the best specialist manufacturers to make delicious foods which are guaranteed to be free of as many allergens as possible is my focus.

Hopefully you’re tempted to give us a try: if so you can find our desserts in the free-from frozen aisle in selected Asdas and Tescos.