hst-hiHigh Speed Training Ltd wanted to encourage their employees to eat more healthily and reward them for their efforts in doing so.

‘Healthy Mondays’ were introduced as part of a benefit package to encourage healthy eating in the office. There was already a general interest in healthy food and nutrition across the company and so everyone was excited to try the Kirsty’s range of products.

Being low calorie and full of only natural ingredients, they are ideal for anyone who’s watching what they eat and are varied enough to take into account people’s different dietary requirements from vegetarians to those with food intolerances such as wheat, gluten and dairy.

As well as having the healthy box well and truly ticked, the products are also ideal for busy people who eat lunch ‘on the go’. Amy from the HST teams says; “I find that some of my lunches make me feel hungry and want to snack by the end of the day, but Kirsty’s helps me get through the afternoon and an evening gym session without any problems.”

Due to their popularity, after a month’s trial, the healthy eating campaign continued into a weekly scheme that all the staff enjoy.