Allergen Free Pizzaswhich taste amazing

I’m really proud of our new gluten and dairy free pizzas.

They have the tastiest vegan cheese and the crispest gluten-free bases plus they are completely allergen free and low in saturated fat & sugar…

Allergen Free Pizzas that are perfect for sharing

Pizzas are made for sharing, but in my house Jacob’s food allergies often meant that he couldn’t share a pizza with everyone else.

So, it was really important to me to make a gluten and dairy free pizza that tastes so good that the whole family wants to share it….

Made in Italy- to make it extra tasty

I pretty-much travelled the length and breadth of Italy and tried so many pizzas (life is tough sometimes) to find the perfect Dairy free cheese which would easily melt, a thin gluten-free base which would crisp up in the oven and a recipe which tastes amazing.

Food which feels good

The food you eat makes a huge difference to how you feel on both the inside and out.

So whilst our pizzas still feels like a treat, they are less than 350 calories for half a pizza and are low in sugar and saturated fat.

Hopefully you’re tempted to give us a try, if so you can find our Margherita Pizza in the free-from frozen aisle in Tescos and our NEW Sweet Chilli Chicken & Roasted Veg pizzas in free-from frozen aisle in selected Asdas