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September’s Seasonal Swaps: Salads to Soups


We’re feeling all autumnal at Kirsty’s HQ! Now that the kids are back at school and everyone is getting into the term-time routine, it gives us the perfect opportunity (especially with this weather!) to bring you some inspiration on swapping summer salads for soups while incorporating some of the same ingredients.



Lentils make the perfect base to any summer salad, from puy lentils partnered with beetroot and feta cheese to Mediterranean style salads with brown lentils and red onion, but they’re also scrumptious in soups too. Mainly used as an ingredient to thicken soups, you can’t go wrong with Lentil and Bacon Soup or Spicy Lentil and Butternut Squash Soup. For best results use red split lentils, they’re slightly sweet in flavour and create a great puree when cooked.



Broccoli – like Marmite you either love it or you hate it, and here at Kirsty’s we just can’t get enough. Whether it’s partnered with green beans, sugar snap peas and tahini sauce for a super green salad or just one of the many vegetables you have with your Sunday roast, there’s nothing this versatile mini tree can’t do. When it comes to soup, Broccoli and Stilton Soup is a winter warmer winner, equally perfect for lunch or dinner on a frosty weekend. If you’re after something a bit different, why not try Bon Appetit’s Spinach-Broccoli Soup with Garlic and Coriander, it’s a real treat for the senses and will be the talk of your table for all the right reasons.



You say tomato I say ‘tomahto’… This red fruit and vegetable hybrid contains a large amount of your vital vitamins and is almost always included in salad bars across the globe, but it’s also a firm favourite hot, pureed and in a bowl served with a dollop of crème fraiche. In fact, Tomato Soup is one of the nation’s all-time favourite soups with more than 35% of Brits rating it their favourite, followed by Leek and Potato Soup!



Although often associated as an ingredient to ‘bulk out’ a salad or dinner, quinoa’s unique texture makes for a great addition to soups.

The fluffy, creamy seeds maintain a slight crunch with a delicate and subtle nutty flavour that compliments any soup, but we love this speedy chicken and quinoa soup recipe that takes just 35 mins to make. Did you know that quinoa is the least allergenic of all the grains? Making it a fantastic wheat-free choice. Like buckwheat, quinoa contains all nine essential amino acids – a complete-protein source, perfect for vegans!


Sweet Potato:

This famed root vegetable is renowned for its versatility and sweet and creamy taste. From wedges and chips to mash and pies, there is no end to the possibilities that sweet potato can be used for and you can now add soup to the list! By swapping out traditional white potatoes for sweet potatoes in your favourite vegetable soup recipe, you are adding an extra vegetable that counts towards your five-a-day. It’s also packed full of nutrients such as, vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), B and C. This roasted sweet potato and carrot soup is one of our favourites from BBC Good Food.


We love all these recipes and hope you do too. If you’re trying them out over the next few weeks, don’t forget to leave a comment and send us your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we love seeing them!