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If you’re anything like us, as soon as the sun comes out from the clouds (even if it’s just peeping out and the temperature goes up a degree), we’re out and about, going into town for a walk along the river or having a picnic with the kids in the park. With so much to do, we know it can be hard to fit in your exercise plan to get bikini-body ready for summer, but it’s not impossible and you can incorporate it into your day.


  • Bus, stop! If you’re getting the bus to go into town or doing a spot of shopping, why not get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way? Walking is one of the simplest ways to get active and getting off a stop early means you won’t have to pay a full fare… bonus!
  • Frisbee Fitness! If you’re taking the kids for a day out or even to the park for a few hours, take a Frisbee or ball with you and get involved with their play. You’ll be having so much fun running around you’ll forget you’re even exercising and the kids will enjoy it just as much too.
  • Shop until you drop! If you’ve gone out shopping, whether it’s for the weekly food shop or to get the best buys before holiday, distribute the weight of the bags on both sides so you’re balanced and do a few bicep curls whilst walking to the next shop. Your arms will become more toned and you won’t feel guilty for buying all those bikinis…


We hope you enjoyed Kirsty’s Alternative Fitness Plan this month, we’d love to hear your thoughts and the alternative ways you get fit over on our Facebook page. If you missed any of the instalments, you can catch-up here and remember… don’t be freaked out by fitness, jump into June!