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Here at Kirsty’s we know how overwhelming it can be to get that ‘perfect’ bikini-body ready for summer, which is why we’re encouraging you to jump into June with our Alternative Fitness Plan. Last week we gave you some handy tips on how to get fit whilst at work (if you missed it, you can catch-up here) and this week we’re bringing you the best ways to get fit around the house without spending a penny!


  • Scrub and squat! Make the most of the four minutes you spend a day brushing your teeth by squatting at the same time. Squatting helps build muscle and tones the entire leg; from your bum to the balls of your feet. The best part? You’re not taking time out to exercise, you’re just incorporating it into your normal routine!
  • Bulk up with baked beans! It’s an oldie but a goodie… We were always told to use tins of baked beans (other tinned foods available!) to tone up our biceps and triceps. Simply place a tin in the palm of each hand and then slowly bend your arm until your forearm is vertical. Do this 10-20 times, rest and repeat.
  • Bake your way to fitness finesse! We bet you never thought you’d read those words together… There are so many ways to get fit whilst baking and Food Network has created the ingenious ‘Baker-Body Workout’ – you can watch it here. The pie being made is a lighter option too so you shouldn’t feel too guilty. After all, treating ourselves every now and again is important to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Keep an eye out for next week’s instalment of Kirsty’s Alternative Fitness Plan, where we will be bringing you a couple of different and unconventional ways to get fit at the gym. If you’re looking for ways to mix up your workout, this one’s for you!